The mission of Post 206 is to build a better veteran community in Seattle and Washington state. We seek to work with other organizations to better cultivate goodwill, camaraderie, inclusiveness, and pride in our common identity as American Veterans and those who wish to improve their world. We accept all members of the Armed Forces who served since December 7th, 1941 to present. Only one day of active federal service is required for membership.


Our post is grounded with these values, members and officers are beholden to them:


No one likes to feel isolated when they return home from service or a deployment. We look to include all members in our community, because a veteran is a veteran, and we believe that the diversity of our backgrounds makes a truly great American Legion post, especially in our home of Seattle. We do not discriminate against any veterans, no matter their age, disability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, service era, or any other identities they may hold.


Transitioning from service to the civilian world has been a daunting task since the beginning of the armed forces. However, we look to help veterans reconnect and integrate into their communities better than an out-processing class on base. We have knowledgeable individuals who can assist in career counseling, resume building, education, and many other projects. The goal is to ensure that you, as a veteran, and your family feels supported through our post and the good works in the veteran community!


Service is a core component of what defines veterans of all eras in our country. As a post comprised of Veterans spanning nearly every era and conflict this country has undertaken, we cater to an understanding that service comes first. We strive to remain engaged in the community and grow our post with a positive attitude, big-picture thinking, and deep compassion for veterans and their families. A call to service is not foreign to a veteran, and as such, we believe it helps to rebuild bridges to the community, helping veterans plant roots back into a home. Furthermore, Post 206 does not condone, endorse, or tolerate any form of discrimination. The post was created to escape the typical ageism, racism, and sexual identity discrimination that plagues other veterans’ service organizations. We pride ourselves on being a post founded on mutual respect, common courtesy, and understanding.


Our call to service is one of giving back. It is generally time-consuming, and hard work, but rewarding. We work with other American Legion Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Eagles, and The Mission Continues to better integrate with other organizations in our community. It is imperative to many of our members that there is a tangible result of their efforts, and something they can look at and be proud of. Service remains at the forefront of all of our minds, and we are always looking for new opportunities to serve!


The vision of William C. Stacey Post 206 is to bring honor and recognition to Will’s memory. His family still resides in Seattle and is a prominent part of the University of Washington community. Many of our members have ties to the UW, and we want to immortalize a positive impression in the veteran community, and serving as the highest bar for all veteran service organizations in the country.